Solid as a Rock: Safest SUVs on the Market for 2021

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Cadillac XT6/Image Credit: Cadillac

When it comes to safety, there’s no playing around. SUVs were once considered a far more dangerous vehicle for their rollover rates, but as they’ve grown in popularity, the technology and engineering backing them has reversed this reputation. Now, SUVs are one of the top car bodies to consistently headline the NHTSA’s lists as the most risk-averse vehicles on the road. That being said, some SUVs stand out above the rest in this department. Here are our 5 picks for the SUVs that will be the safest for you and your family on the next road trip.

Volvo XC60

Who said being a middle child was a curse? The Volvo XC60 might be in between the XC40 and 90 for sheer size, but this SUV has made a name for itself on the safety front. It won a 2021 IIHS Top Safety Pick and received a five-star rating from the NHTSA. It might not always be the first choice people think of in the luxury market, but the XC60 can throw its own weight when pitted against its rivals.

Volvo XC60/Image Credit: Volvo

Cadillac XT6

We all know how great the Escalade is, but don’t sleep on Cadillac’s other SUV offerings. This SUV won recognition from the IIHS as a top safety pick and gained a five-star rating from the NHTSA. One of the more interesting features the XT6 possesses includes night vision for those dark and foggy nights, making it a distant cousin from the Batmobile. Cadillac is synonymous with American royalty, and the Cadillac XT6 has earned its crown on this front.

Cadillac XT6/Image Credit: Cadillac

Hyundai Palisade

“Palisades Park” is a fun 60’s jam about an amusement park we’d like to visit, and Hyundai’s Palisade model can help bring us a little closer to living out that fantasy. Much like a rollercoaster, this SUV has several safeguards in place to make sure that you get the thrill of the journey while never being in any real peril. With lane assist, forward collision avoidance, and rear parking alert- the Palisade’s got a few safety bars in place to keep you tucked in no matter how wild the ride gets.

Hyundai Palisade/Image Credit: Hyundai

Toyota Highlander

When it comes to having your back, few do it quite like the Toyota Highlander. This reliable workhorse is the IIHS’s and NHTSA’s top pick with its respectable crash test ratings. The Toyota Sense 2.5+ includes automatic emergency braking, cruise control, lane departure warnings and roadside recognition up its sleeve to help you in a pinch. The Highlander lives up to its reliable reputation in more ways than one.

Toyota Highlander/Image Credit: Toyota

Kia Telluride

We always want the best of both worlds, but don’t usually get it. The good news is that the Kia Telluride breaks this norm for once. This vehicle is a spacious family hauler that provides an upscale experience without all the expensive price tags. The Telluride boasts having a forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, and lane-keeping assists in its arsenal. With a lush appearance and gritty performance across any terrain imaginable, the Kia Telluride makes for an intriguing package.

Kia Telluride/Image Credit: Kia

We can’t always see the roads ahead, but with these SUVs, you won’t have to worry about it. The tech and sturdy bodies these vehicles provide are designed to keep any sort of peril at bay. Their industry support and examples in the field have proven that even the worst situations can be minimized with the right set of wheels. We all need a rock to ground us, and you can rest easy knowing that these vehicles will keep you and your loved ones securely in place.  

Tyler Domecq

Tyler Domecq

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