Hayley Ringle

Hayley Ringle has been an automobile enthusiast since her first motorcar love, a no-frills, air-cooled, orange 1976 VW Super Beetle. Hayley now enjoys driving her limited-edition Release Series 9 ride, an orange 2012 Scion XB, with vanity license plate HOTLAVA. Hayley’s fondness for cars stems from her dad’s love of British sports cars and her years working at an auto parts store while in college. She has written professionally for Phoenix-area newspapers for over 20 years, covering every subject imaginable, including Scottsdale’s car auctions and the Valley’s vehicle proving grounds. Her dream car is a Jaguar E-type roadster featured in the 1971 cult classic film “Harold and Maude.”

Steven Shaffer

Steven Shaffer is a writer, executive editor, automobile lover and avid viewer of YouTube channels for car enthusiasts. His dream BestRide is a 2019 Lamborghini Huracan. “One day, I want to be able to say ‘My Lambo is in the shop,'” says Steve.

Craig Fitzgerald


Craig Fitzgerald began his automotive writing career in 1996, at AutoSite.com, one of the first online resources for car buyers. Over the years, he’s written for the Boston Globe, Forbes, and Hagerty. For seven years, he was the editor at Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, and today, he’s the automotive editor at Drive magazine. He’s dad to a son and daughter and plays rude guitar in a garage band in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Anne Fleming

Anne Fleming began reviewing cars years ago. After a disempowering car buying visit made her realize how undervalued women’s voices were in the automotive world, she started a platform for women to rate their car dealership experience and make their voices heard.

Visit women-drivers.com to write a review about your car dealership experience.


Bill Taylor

The Vehicle Nanny is actually Bill Taylor, a 34-year veteran of the automotive industry. Bill spent 32 years at General Motors in a variety of sales, service and marketing leadership positions. After retiring from GM, Bill spent two years at Digital Air Strike supporting their growth in new segments. He then created VehicleNanny.com, where he places a focus on nurturing the automotive interests of young car enthusiasts.

Learn more about Bill and his current activities at VehicleNanny.com.


Brandon Cantrell

At over a dozen vehicles, Brandon has lost count of the cars, trucks, and motorcycles that have graced his driveway. So, when he got into digital marketing, the automotive industry was a natural fit. Brandon now has almost a half-decade of experience writing and editing various forms of automotive content.


Annie Boss

Annie grew up in a small mining town in northern Utah, which gave her an early appreciation of big trucks with even bigger tires. She has a true passion for writing, as well as injecting lighthearted fun and gentle goofs into every piece she puts out. Annie now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been writing about automotive and automotive-adjacent topics for the past two years. Her dream car is a bright yellow hard top Jeep Wrangler with SHERA on the vanity plate.


Kasey McNerney

Kasey McNerney is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, and inherited her interest in cars from her dad. She previously worked at Phoenix Raceway, where she assisted with communications for NASCAR events. Currently, Kasey writes automotive content for BestRide and works with auto and auto-adjacent businesses to strengthen their social media presence.


Tyler Domecq

From the Rocky Mountain blizzards of Wyoming to the desert sandstorms of Phoenix, Tyler has seen it all on the road. He has worked specifically within the automotive industry for two years. An avid fan of, and occasional actor in, the film industry, Tyler took an initial interest in cars after seeing the 1928 Rolls-Royce 40/50HP Phantom and Aston Martin DB5 on the big screen.


Adrien Perucho

Born in the Philippines and moving to Massachusetts at the young age of 8 years old, Adrien has gathered a multitude of life experiences from which to draw inspiration. In 2020, he graduated from Arizona State University’s Digital Culture program and found work in automotive marketing later that year. One day his talents will afford him the luxury of driving a new Porsche 911.


Kirsten Webber

Kirsten Chanel Webber is a writer and editor based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her propensity for late night drives and spontaneous road trips are indicative of her love for the open road, and she has had the privilege of writing within the automotive sector for three years. Kirsten has a particular passion for EV and the role they will play in protecting our environment. She looks forward to watching electric vehicle technology continue to grow and improve. She happily acts as editor of the BestRide.com blog.


Shannon Klawitter

Shannon was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado and moved to Arizona to attend college at Arizona State University. She fell in love with the heat of Arizona, so she decided to stay after graduating in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. She has worked in the automotive industry for a year and half.