A New Cadillac Crossover SUV May Appear at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

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The Detroit News is reporting that Cadillac may be ready to show off an all-new crossover SUV to replace the Cadillac SRX at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November of 2015. The SRX is currently Cadillac’s best-selling vehicle.

“We are pretty confident that in our next generation of car, we take and leverage what already has been an outstanding product success for us, and infusing it with more advanced design, particularly newer technologies, we will be highly competitive,” Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen said.


de Nysschen has indicated that by the end of this decade, Cadillac will have eight new vehicles. Those will include all new products, as well as replacements for current models.

Analysts are guessing that the SRX replacement will fall in line with Cadillac’s new naming scheme (CT6, CTS, etc) and be called the XT5. Cadillac sold almost 54,000 SRX crossover SUVs in 2014, but that number was down 5.4 percent from 2013. The SRX may look fresh, but at the moment, it’s the oldest vehicle in Cadillac’s lineup, and the competition is releasing one update after another.

For example, its biggest competition — the Lexus RX — is all-new for 2013. Lexus sells about twice as many RX models as Cadillac does SRX, so there’s huge room for improvement and conquest sales with the right product.


There’s also been some indication that Cadillac will build a smaller car — smaller than the ATS — to entice younger buyers, and it may fill a niche in which Lexus won’t compete.

According to the Detroit News, de Nysschen is taking an opposite tack from Lexus International Executive Vice President Mark Templin, who said at the J.D. Power/NADA Automotive Forum at the New York Auto Show, “I don’t think we can build a car with the quality and craftsmanship and the content that we put in a Lexus and build it profitability for $30,000,” Templin said. “We don’t have a desire to build cheaper cars. That doesn’t mean we won’t build a smaller car at some point in time, potentially.”

de Nysschen offered the retort “If our esteemed colleagues at Lexus believe that with a Toyota Camry they can cover that segment, I say good luck to them,” indicating that a sub-$30,000 Cadillac may be on the way.

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