LA Auto Show: 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Denim

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Jeans Beetles of the early-’70s – they had to be from that style era, right? – are evoked in this special-edition, 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Denim Convertible.


What Is It?

You’re forgiven if you remember the AMC Gremlin with the Levi’s-branded denim seats before you remember the Beetle’s. But if you want to recreate the casual good vibes borne from durable blue fabric, then unfortunately AMC isn’t still around to satisfy that need. But VW is.


What Volkswagen says:

From the press release: “Paying homage to the 1970s Jeans Bug, the vehicle revives the rich heritage of the Beetle brand, offering fans a modern take on this classic model.” It’s rare that you read a manufacturer describing its best and brightest as the vehicle. 


What’s New On the 2016 Beetle Denim:

  • Demin-color upholstery and top
  • Seat pockets with red Beetle tags
  • 2,000 units will be made, evenly split between two exterior color options – Pure White or Stonewashed Blue


When Will It Go On Sale?

Early 2016.