LA Auto Show: Scion C-HR Concept

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As hipsters have given way to yuccies (young urban creatives), the Scion C-HR concept aims to appeal directly to that newly defined market.


What Is It? 

Yep, the term “yuccies” sounds unpleasant, but it signifies a very important market for Scion – the young up-and-comers the brand originally targeted with its boxy compacts. The C-HR concept (Compact and High Ride height) was designed with significant input from this recently identified demographic.


What Scion Is Saying: 

With four doors and a hatch for supreme functionality, it’s the perfect vehicle for ‘yuccies,’ the young urban creatives who inspired the design.These customers put an emphasis on great design and wanted something distinctive, sophisticated, passionate and clean.

They viewed most SUVs as too boring and wanted something for their urban lifestyle that sparked emotion.”


What’s New In The C-HR:

  • Defined as an “urban lifestyle vehicle”
  • Based on the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which aims for a lower center of gravity and increased body rigidity
  • With styling that is at once “chiseled” and “sensual”,  Scion says the C-HR will be its “next iconic vehicle”


When Does It Go On Sale?

The C-HR is still in the concept phase, but we’d look for its styling cues as Scion gains access to the TNGA platform.