LA Auto Show: Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

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Fans of the GTI with a desire to go green will find a lot to like in this Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept, with its fiery performance and zero emissions.


What Is It?

The Golf GTE Sport Concept is a sports car with a conscious. As much as it can, it runs off the plug-in electricity of its two electric motors, in front and in the rear.

Then, in full power mode, the electric motors pair with the Sport Concept’s rally-derived turbocharged engine for claimed acceleration runs of 4.3 seconds from 0-62 mph and a top speed of 174 mph.

This is what’s possible when you combine GTI enthusiasm with the ethos of tailpipe-emission-free driving.


What Volkswagen Says:

“The Golf GTE Sport Concept blurs the lines between road and motorsport vehicles, because it features the drivetrain, suspension, body and interior of a pure-bred sports car in combination with an advanced plug-in hybrid system that’s capable of zero-emission driving.”


What’s New In This Concept:

  • Two electric motors and plug-in capability allows the GTE Sport Concept to run in zero-emission mode. Overall mileage is rated at 118 mpg
  • “E-Mode” has the Sport Concept capable of a 31-mile range, driven primary by the rear motor
  • “Hybrid” is the default mode, with typical gas-engine-charges-the-batteries hybrid operation
  • Pushing the “GTE” button engages the 1.6-liter TSI gas engine for total system horsepower of 395 hp. Combined torque rates at a staggering 494 lb.-ft.
  • Carbon fiber body construction
  • Unique interior with clearly defined areas for the driver and passenger


When Will It Go On Sale?

We wish it were available now, but the Golf GTE Sport Concept is still just that, a concept.