VIDEO: The Very Orange Scion tC Release Series 9 Hits Showrooms

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So you’ve been holding out for a car with orange seatbelts, but your color choice has up til now been ignored by the carmakers.

Well now’s your chance: the 2015 Scion tC Release Series 9.0 is hitting the dealers, and it has exactly your shade of safety gear.


Scion runs up its Release Series to version 9.0 with this special-edition 2015 tC.

The affable tC is a likely canvas for customization, with its sporty proportions and flat sides, and this take on it by Cartel Customs shows off both aspects.

Cartel has gone the black-on-orange route before, with the 2012 Masterminded FR-S…


…and now that style comes to the tC.

2015_Scion_tC_RS9_002sThe center exhaust is a defining aspect.


Cartel created a well-integrated aero kit, with a black accent aligning with the contour of the door above. The matte-black wheels are part of the package…


…as are Toyota Racing Development (TRD) lowering springs.


Scion’s badges are blacked out…


…while Cartel’s identity is embossed in the mats.


Both share billing on the tC 9.0’s rear-view mirror.


Inside, there’s orange stitching galore…


…and the driver’s environment gets the bulk of the additional color. Note that orange extends to the front seatbelts only.


Another Cartel reminder awaits at the get-go.


Only 2,000 of these tCs will be sold, so you’d better skedaddle if you want to belt up with orange in the coming year. At, $23,960, the tC Release Series 9.0 is costs $3,210 more than a base tC. For some, that seem excessive, but a select few will likely see this colorful tC as ripe for the plucking.

Here’s a look at the work Cartel Customs did:

And here’s Scion’s tC Release Series 9.0 walk-through.

Tell us in the comments: would you pay $3K for what Cartel Customs has wrought?