5 Model Names Lincoln Should Revive

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Let’s face it, Lincoln: Nobody knows what your products are with that dumb “MK-Whatever” naming convention. If the debut of the Continental Concept tells you anything, it’s that people will talk about a car if they know what it’s name is. For the cost of a bunch of badges, Lincoln could rename all of its vehicles with things that sound better than the “em-kay” names they have now.

Old Name: Lincoln MKZ
New Name:
Lincoln Capri (1952-1959)


Lincoln used the Capri name long before Mercury did, way back in 1952. In 1957, the Capri became the entry level model when it underwent a complete bodywork revision. It’s a perfect name for the entry-level MKZ.


Old Name: Lincoln MKS
New Name: Lincoln Premiere (1956-1960)


Not that the MKS is anywhere near the flagship that the new Continental is, but your full-size luxury car should have a full-scale luxury name. the Premiere was a gorgeously styled automobile a notch above the Lincoln Capri in 1958.


Old Name: Lincoln MKX
New Name: Lincoln Aviator (2003-2005)


Lincoln only built its badge-engineered Explorer for three model years and never gave it a chance to resonate in the marketplace. Aviator is a great name that works for sunglasses as well as it works for Ford Edge-based crossovers. It was the last decent name anybody at Lincoln ever came up with.


Old Name: Lincoln MKT Town Car
New Name: Lincoln Lido (1950-1951)


The MKT was a horrible name, only made worse by the tacked on “Town Car” on its badge after the demise of the ACTUAL Town Car in 2011. Lincoln used the name “Lido” on its L-Series cars for one year on its cool, suicide-door competitor to the fastback Cadillacs appearing in 1949.


Old Name: Lincoln MKC
New Name: Lincoln Cosmopolitan


We love everything about the MKC except its name. The Cosmopolitan appeared in 1949 and hung in there until 1954. Cosmopolitans featured “frenched” headlamps for a super-cool custom look heavily influenced by the custom car culture of the era.




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