North American International Auto Show 2015: Honda FCV Concept

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The Honda FCV Concept is the latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in a line of innovations from Honda. The FCV features a fuel stack that can generate more than 100kW of power output. Power density of 3.1kW/L equates to an increase of about 60 percent, while the size of the fuel stack was reduced by 33 percent compared to the FCX Clarity.

What Does Honda Say?
As the next progression in Honda’s dynamic FCV styling, the Honda FCV Concept features a low and wide aerodynamic body with clean character lines. The interior strives to achieve harmony between man and machine by taking advantage of new powertrain packaging efficiencies delivering even greater passenger space than the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle, including seating for up to five people.
When Does It Go On Sale?
There’s no official on-sale date in the United States, but the FCV is expected to go on sale in Japan in March of 2016.
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