North American International Auto Show 2016: Lexus LC500

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Lexus is heading out of the “entry luxury” category and gunning for the upper tier of luxury vehicles. Its first salvo is the gorgeous LC500, a premium luxury GT with cars like the Mercedes-Benz SL in its sights.

What Is It?

When Lexus showed the LF LC Concept car a few years ago, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive, but also overwhelmingly convinced that it would never be built. Akio Toyoda was on hand for the first time at a Lexus press conference in Detroit to show the LC 500, the production version of that unbuildable premium sports coupe. When the guy whose name is at the top of the company letterhead shows up to display it, you know they’re serious.


The LC 500 is a 467hp sports coupe with a price tag that may break the $100,000 barrier when you thrown in destination charge and the Teflon paint treatment.

What is Lexus Saying?


“The LC 500 has been an important product for Lexus and me personally,” Toyoda said in a statement ahead of the car’s Detroit debut on Monday. “A few years ago, we decided to guide the future of the brand with products that had more passion and distinction in the luxury market.”

When Does It Go On Sale?

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