Help Find This Stolen Lamborghini, Get $100,000 Cold Hard Cash

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It’s not unusual for people to offer up a reward to find something precious that has been lost. The more precious the missing item, the larger the reward, hopefully upping the chances that people will help find what you’ve misplaced. Rewards are also offered to help find stolen property. In this case, it’s a missing car and the reward is a whopping $100,000.

This isn’t any old missing car, which is why the reward is so outrageous. The car is a white 2015 Lamborghini Aventador. It was stolen in New York on October 28th where it was last seen at the corner of Fowler Road and College Point Boulevard in Flushing. It could be absolutely anywhere by now, so even if you’re reading this in the middle of Oklahoma, keep your eyes peeled for a white Lambo cruising down your local Main Street.

Those living in Atlanta, Georgia should be particularly vigilant. According to Autoblog, the folks at Pinkerton think the person who may have stolen the car has ties to the Atlanta area. They go on to say it might still be sitting in New York City or be on its way out of the country. Sounds like Pinkerton is at a bit of a loss.

The reward might seem ridiculous, but remember, this is an Aventador. The thing costs $440K, so the reward is far less than the cost of the car. Pinkerton is going to be out a chunk of change if they don’t recover the vehicle, so shelling out $100K would save them, well, roughly the cost of a nice house in the suburbs.

A bright white Aventador isn’t exactly a subtle car. If it’s on the road, then someone is going to take notice and likely law enforcement is already on the lookout. The chances of someone being out there taking one heck of a joy ride are pretty slim.

Still, thieves aren’t always the sharpest tacks in the box. Maybe the cops will get lucky and spot whoever stole the car out for some fun one night. Better yet, maybe you’ll spot the missing Lamborghini and find yourself $100,000 richer for your efforts.