At The Auction – 1960 Edsel Ranger

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There were lots of neat classic cars at the November 2014 McCormick’s Palm Springs Classic Car Auction, and as usual, the area surrounding it was ringed with similarly worthy cars for sale. This 1960 Edsel is from the final and abbreviated model year for Ford’s ill-fated division, and it’s cherry enough to warrant a closer look.


The 1960 Edsel runs under the radar; it is so close to the pretty 1960 Ford that the differentiating flourishes seem to just muck up the design. Here’s the 1960 Ford for comparison; the front end looks cleaner, while the Edsel is going for an almost-Pontiac split grille.


A couple shades of blues were offered on the ’60 Edsel, and this might be the special “Hawaiian Blue” that commemorated Hawaii’s 1959 statehood.


It was over for Edsel by 1960; only 2,846 were sold between its October 1959 intro and the ceasing of production one month later, so the ’60s can be among the rarest of Edsels.


As if to underline the afterthought nature of the ’60, Edsels kept the wheel covers of previous model years, at a time when fresh hubcap patterns were essential elements of the yearly restyle.


Rear glass is impressively bulbous and probably a scorcher to sit beneath on very sunny days.


Seats look original…


…as does the non-safety glass that’ll cut to you ribbons as soon as look at you.


It’s pleasantly shiny.


Mirrors are neatly shaped…


…and the fender gun sights shared with the Ford are at least keyed to the Edsel’s signature “E” logo.


Tail lights mimic the old horse-collar grille that was met with such buyer resistance, and it’s cute that the designers found a way to keep that thread alive.


The paths the tail lights carve down the fender tops are tightly contoured.


Edsels had horizontal fins, which gave the car an overall flatter aspect.


Something to watch for in the tiny pool of remaining 1960 Edsels is counterfeiting, as a 1960 Ford convertible can be Edsel-ized with some panel changes. But this run-of-the-mill pillared sedan looks like the real deal, with an even patina throughout.

Price was $8,500 OBO. Tell us in the comments  would you pay that for this rarity?