2,000hp Nissan GT-R Wins “King of the Streets”

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Technically known as the Alpha-Omega Nissan GT-R and owned by AMS Performance, the winner of the Texas Invitational King of the Streets Competition boasts over 2,000-horsepower and can blast through the quarter mile in just 7.7-seconds at a top speed of 186 mph. You can check out the video of the entire competition at 1320video.com. if you like to see Lamborghinis, Vipers, and GT-Rs thrashing about in the ultimate contest of horsepower and speed, then you can’t miss this video of the AMS Alpha and Omega GT-R whipping Dodge Vipers, Lamborghinis, and even other GT-Rs.

When building a vehicle as powerful as the Alpha there is really no template to follow. You are breaking new ground. The only thing to do is produce more horsepower and run until something breaks. After something breaks, find out how to prevent it from breaking in the future. Once you have successfully rectified the problem — build more horsepower and repeat the process.
Let’s take a look at how AMS defeated V10 powered Vipers and V12 powered Lambos (in a V6 powered car) to take the title of King of the Streets down in Texas.

Under the hood, the AMS GT-R uses an Alpha 4.0-liter Big Bore engine with Alpha CNC ported cylinder heads, a Ferrea valvetrain package, and an Alpha GT-R custom camshaft. Fuel is supplied to this turbocharged monster using ID 2000 fuel injectors, an Alpha fuel rail kit, and a high-pressure/high-flow fuel delivery system (pump included). A Syvecs Stand-Alone engine management system is used to monitor engine output and keep everything in time. An Alpha Omega turbocharger upgrade kit (with Tial-Q blow-off valves) and intercooler combined with an Alpha GT-R intake manifold and CNC ported throttle body kits provide the engine with copious amounts of air. A fully customized Alpha GT-R exhaust system quickly dispatches spent exhaust gases, moving them away from the engine. Shifting duties for a car that is capable of turning 200 mph are handled using an Alpha Omega transmission upgrade package furnished by Shepherd Transmission.

Inside, an eight point roll cage with swing out door bars and a removable parachute assembly is the most conspicuous of items, with the Tillet Racing seats, racing harnesses, and seat brackets running a close second.

The exterior is an exercise in weight reduction that features a carbon-fiber 2×2 weave hood (with Aerocatch hood pins), roof panel, deck lid, and GT Spec side mirrors.

Enkei 18-inch front wheels with M&H 275/45ZR18 tires combine with rear drag wheels and slicks to keep the road rocket glued to the pavement. A drag-race focused suspension upgrade and a CCM big brake upgrade complete the package for the King of the Street.

Here are some of the Alpha and Omega’s Performance Specifications:

Quarter Mile:  7.700 @ 186.51 MPH *current R35 GTR record (current best MPH: 190.3)

Standing Mile:  233mph *gear limited/done at 1250whp
Standing Half Mile:  214.04mph
60-130mph:  2.46 Seconds
30-130mph:  3.32 Seconds *current overall record
100-150mph:  2.15 Seconds *current overalll record
0-186mph(0-300KPH):  7.56 Seconds *current overall record
0-100mph:   2.79 Seconds

100-200mph:  5.42 Seconds

0-200mph:  10.49 Seconds

S.M. Darby

S.M. Darby

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