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Q.I have a vintage full sized Ford Bronco (think OJ), I don’t drive it often but I love this truck. Here is the problem, suddenly the engine dies when I shift it into reverse and sometimes drive. In park or neutral it runs great. Some people suggested a fuel problem (not sure why is runs great) others are saying a transmission problem. About a year ago I had the transmission fluid changed and the mechanic said everything looked great. In the last year I have driven less than 2500 miles. Any thoughts?

A.It is possible the transmission is the problem and if I’m right it is a simple fix. This transmission uses a filter that pushes into place in the transmission. It is held in with an “o” ring and small clip. I have seen these filters drop into the transmission pan or even sometimes even the wrong filter was installed (Ford used two one was longer for a deeper oil pan). The other common issue which is also fairly simple is the transmission range switch (MLPS) is faulty. Either of these problems can cause stalling and or banging and poor shifting.