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We generate a ton of content here, between what we’re posting on BestRide.com and the content that we’re starting to produce for our pals at CarTalk.com. Sure we follow all the magazine and popular blog Facebook pages to stay up to date, but we also keep a close eye on Facebook pages as a source of stories. Seven have really stood out as daily must-reads for car people. They’re our favorite and you’ll see some familiar names posting in all of these.

In order to keep the spammers at bay, most — if not all — of these are Closed Groups, meaning you just have to send the site administrator a request. Most have told me that they’ll approve anybody that even remotely looks human, and the approval usually turns around quickly.

Being a member of these groups means you’ll see the updates as they post, which is a huge benefit. You’ve opted in, so you’ll see everything that’s posted, and a lot of it is pure gold.

If you’re wary about joining any of the groups, most have rules prominently posted at the top of the page that identify these groups as friendly, fun, non-judgmental places where people who like cars get to communicate. Most have strong rules against:

– Arguing and bickering, name-calling, spamming, or trolling
– Racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other type of hate speech
– Discussion about religion or politics

Click any of the links on the headings below and you’ll get to the page.

Obscure Cars for Sale
Members: 3,245

If you know anything about most of us that write here, we’re obscenely addicted to weirdo cars for sale on Craigslist, eBay and any beside the road. The weirdest of weirdo cars are here, curated by more than 3,000 active followers, all looking to one-up each other with the most bizarre cars for sale around the world.

10 Best Facebook Pages - Obscure Cars For SaleThe posts are wildly diverse, featuring anything from legitimate ex-works rally cars to kit cars bolted on a Fiero frame, but every single day something interesting turns up.

Brown Car Appreciation Society
Members: 2,772

Whatever color car you like, there’s a Facebook “Appreciation Society” for it. The best — with the best sense of humor about itself — is the Brown Car Appreciation Society.

10 Best Facebook Pages - Brown Car Appreciation SocietyCreated by Alex Nunez and moderated by Sajeev Mehta, both of whom have written for places like Road & Track and The Truth About Cars for years, it’s a fond appreciation for the browner things in life.

The arguments about what constitutes brown versus maroon are well worth paying attention to, if you like important things.

Coachbuilding & Concepts – Sketchbook
Members: 921

The membership numbers aren’t where some of the other pages are, but the quality of material posted in Coachbuilding & Concepts Sketchbook is unmatched.

10 Best Facebook Pages - Sketchbook

Steven M. Kasher founded the page, which is under the Coachbuilding & Concepts family of pages. They all offer a unique glimpse behind the scenes in the business of automotive design. In addition to Sketchbook, Kasher moderates Coachbuilding & Concepts, The Customizers, and The Workshop.

What makes Sketchbook unique is that it’s attracted a following amongst people who were inside the design studios, at the time when the most memorable car designs were originally penned. “My biggest surprise so far has been the great response and contributions by industry veterans and current designers,” Kasher told me. 

Members: 2,518

If I can admit my own personal bias, V.I.S.I.T. is the page that I’m participating in every day. The name might not make sense at first, but it’s an acronym for “Vehicles I Saw In Traffic.”

That gives you an idea of what you’re going to see here: unique, interesting cars that members saw while driving around. Sharp-eyed members armed with iPhone cameras are constantly on the lookout for interesting cars to share. Hang around for a little while and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can spot an interesting car coming up in the fast lane next to you.

10 Best Facebook pages - VISIT
I get credit for a few photos in V.I.S.I.T. that I’ve had my 11-year-old daughter take from the passenger seat. She’s gotten pretty good at identifying cars that I want to post, and taking decent photos. (see above)

Secret Society of the Simulated Woodie

If “wood” paneled wagons are your thing — and really, why wouldn’t they be — then the Secret Society of the Simulated Woodie is for you.

10 Best Facebook Pages - Secret Society of the Simulated WoodieThat said, it’s more than about just cars. I’ve seen photos of guitars with fake woodgrain pickguards, Chrysler Newport convertibles with fake wood inserts, motorcycles with fake wood acccents, and every other manner of item that includes shelf paper made to look like a fine veneer.

The Brougham Society
Members: 4,618

The Brougham Society is devoted to the understanding and preservation of cars that loosely fit under the banner of “Brougham.” Typically, those are American, full-size luxury cars, but the site accepts any and all manner of luxury automobiles.

10 Best Facebook Pages - The Brougham Society

“One of the goals of The Brougham Society is to provide a safe place for Brougham Purists, people who believe in preserving and maintaining these fine motorcars in the way the Designers intended for them to be,” writes page founder Richard Bennett. “We prefer to not see, and do frown upon over sized wheels, giant stereo systems and garish paint jobs. This in no way means that those who do not see things in this light are not welcome, as we welcome all lovers of these fine cars. Just know that the more original a car featured here, the better the response it will receive.”

For those cars that don’t fit under the Brougham description, Bennett also runs a second group called Because, Cars.

Station Wagons
Members: 5,403

If station wagons are your thing, then the appropriately named “Station Wagons” is the place to be.

10 Best Facebook Pages - Station WagonsHere, you’re not going to find pictures of SUVs or vans that look like station wagons. This is all about car-based wagons, and there was a lively debate in 2014 about what actually constituted a wagon. Thankfully, that’s been put to rest now and it’s all wagon content, all the time.

That ’70s Auto Show

No, not That ’70s Show, the car that made the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser cool, “That ’70s Auto Show” is a page at least in part devoted to photos from the major auto shows of the 1970s.

10 best Facebook Pages - That 70s Auto ShowAuto shows are cool now, too, but they’re highly produced by the same kind of people who run shows on Broadway. In the 1970s, you’d bring out your best iron, pay a sign painter a few bucks to letter up a placard, and stand somebody like Joe Higgins, the Sheriff of Scat County next to it all day.

Primarily focused on the Auto Shows of the 1970s, the page also welcomes period photographs, brochures, and video clips.


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