A Walk Through The San Francisco Auto Show

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The San Francisco Auto Show is nothing like LA’s, and that’s OK, because it gets the job done. No big debuts, but there’s usually an array of cars that help buyers see a lot of competitors all at once. This year’s exhibition was no exception.


The timing of this year’s show was perfect, in that I had a client who’d hired me as a consultant to help her replace her Mini Cooper. We’ll have her story soon, and in the meantime, here’s my quick spin through the show after she and I had evaluated her choices.

This big monochrome Dodge had a serious look, but I wanted to see it in a matte finish.


The Honda CR-Z has faded a bit from the PR blitzes, but it looked good in the trendy white finish we’re seeing more of this year.


Cars we see every day tend to fade to our subconscious, but I do like the Civic sedan’s rakish look.


The Civic Si‘s wheels are unique. As if to show an electrical charge – bzzt!


Plain Subarus look even plainer under the lights.


This is what Kia needs. Say the Kia name, and people shrink back. Put a Kia in front of them, and they want to see more.


Mazda3s proved to be a point of interest. Terrific combo of contours and proportions there.


Sometimes when you’re looking at a Lexus, you have to go all-in.


A test-fit of the Scion iQ’s tiny rear seat led to this blurred view of an awkward disembark.


Lots of interest at the Volkswagen display, with many orbiting the GTI…


…and the electric e-Golf especially.


Ford had a steady flow of folks sitting in the Fiestas and Focuses and Fusions. Here’s hoping this couple bought a Fiesta ST and are having the fun one can have with it.

auto_show_san_francisco_2014-7Fiats were sparse, but maybe that was the point – to make these tiny cars stand out from their spread-out surroundings.


You line up the Nissan LEAFs when you’re showing in the Bay Area.


The Porsche photo ops were adorable.


This $70K Macan S kept catching my eye – it’s appealing in so many ways, from the color to the proportions to the wheels and the stance, and more. Probably my favorite of the show.

auto_show_san_francisco_2014-13Have you been to your local auto show yet? Do you agree that the Macan is a handsome devil? Tell us in the comments!