Airports Auction Off Interesting Cars Left Behind

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Around the world, flyers drive their cars to the airport, board a flight and never come back.  Here’s a look at some of what they left behind.

Starting at the top, Dubai’s airport has seen the most amazing abandoned cars.  Back around 2012 people in financial trouble began heading away from the country.  The most interesting car left behind is a Ferrari Enzo.  Business Insider reports that Sharia law punishes non-payment of debt.  The publication theorizes that most of the cars left behind are folks avoiding the penalties of bankruptcy in the Muslim country.

2009 BMW 3-series bestride image

However, Dubai is not alone.  Here in the U.S. where bankruptcy is almost a rite of passage, people are leaving behind some pretty nifty rides.  The Boston Herald reports that Logan Airport will be auctioning off a 5-year-young BMW 3-Series, a MINI Cooper, and a handful of Mercedes-Benz cars this week.  The local airport and all-things transit organization, Massport, works with the police after a few months to see if the vehicles are stolen.  By that time, the cars left in Logan’s Central Parking have racked-up about $3,000 in daily parking fees (not to mention the $50 lost-ticket fee).  That could explain some of the abandoned cars, that have values exceeded by the parking fees.

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Pittsburgh’s airport also auctions off cars, but it also throws in other junk left behind.  The TribLive reports that a 2013 airport auction included a 1984 Ford Bronco, an air compressor, a lawnmower, a brick, a snow plow, and a 2010 Volvo XC60 (then only two years old).  Logan Airport moves the vehicles it finds abandoned and sells them off after about a year, which seems to be about average for most airports.  Buyers need to be prepared.  There are no keys sold along with the cars (of course), and they need to be towed away since they most likely are not safe to operate if they will, by some miracle, start.