Are Seats in Luxury Cars Really More Comfortable?

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One of the most important parts of your car is the seat. Here’s the scoop on fancy seats and comfort.

Have you ever wondered if the super-adjustable, heavily-contoured seats in pricey vehicles are actually more comfortable than the ones found in mainstream vehicles? We test all sorts of vehicles at BestRide, from economy models to ultra-luxury models like those from Rolls Royce. One thing we find fascinating is that in some very affordable vehicles, the Ford EcoSport and the VW Jetta, for example, we find the seats to be very comfortable. We wish we could report that there is no correlation between price and comfort, but unfortunately, the Jetta and EcoSport are the exceptions to the rule.

There are great seats in many premium models we test. However, Lincoln has some of the very best. The brand has been remaking its entire vehicle portfolio and the one common theme we are seeing is outstanding seating. Lincoln is not afraid to buck a trend either. The seat controls are now found on the door for example.

That is just one of the many differences between Lincoln and the competition. One of the features that really impress us in top-end vehicles is seat massage. We love it in any vehicle, but almost all of them turn themselves off after a few minutes. Not Lincolns. They stay on until you tell them to stop.

Jaguar’s seats, like Lincoln’s, have different massage types from which to choose.

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An important aspect of seat comfort that is becoming common in many mainstream vehicles is heating and cooling. To our way of thinking, this is a smart way to save energy as vehicles slowly morph into electric vehicles as well. Why not put the heat or cooling directly where it is needed?

One thing to keep in mind when discussing seat comfort is the vehicle’s mission. Cars like the Honda Civic Type R need to support you not just vertically, but also horizontally. They also need to keep your butt in place. Literally. Honda uses aggressive side bolsters and microfiber cloth to do the job. Sometimes comfort means answers other than leather and soft bottoms.

2017 Civic Type R

In general, power adjustment is the key to comfort. The ability to change the lumbar support location, support the thighs, and to change the bottom seat cushion angle are critical to making a diverse population comfy in the same seat. Those adjustments don’t come cheaply. The truth is, seat comfort and price do correlate, but if you are on a budget, know that there are some diamonds in the rough.