Aston Martin Submarine for Channeling Your Inner James Bond

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There are lots of reasons it would be cool to be James Bond. High on the list is the roster of vehicles he drives, particularly those from Aston Martin. The man has amazing cars, many of which die an untimely death at the hands of bad guys bent on destroying Mr. Bond. In addition to cars, he also spends some time in planes, helicopters, and submarines. Now, you can have your very own Aston Martin submarine for channeling your inner James Bond.

It’s called Project Neptune, which makes it sound a little like you’re signing up for a secret mission. As far as we know, there’s no requirement to be an actual spy if you buy this thing, but we make no guarantees. What it will require is a rather large amount of cash. Pricing hasn’t been released, but this is a luxury personal submarine, so plan accordingly.

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Project Neptune is a collaboration between Triton submarines and Aston Martin first announced a year ago. Since then, engineers have been working together to make sure it’s a premium submarine that meets Aston Martin’s standards for luxury and design.

There’s room for three people with the pilot seated in the middle just behind the two front passengers. That pilot still gets a great view thanks to the bubble design that makes sure everyone can see no matter where they sit.

Project Neptune can dive to depths of 500 meters and has a top speed of 5 knots, which works out to just under 6 mph. That doesn’t sound terribly fast when you compare it to the typical Aston Martin, but it has four times the acceleration of Triton’s flagship model. In submarine terms, it’s no slouch.

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The interior of Project Triton is something to behold. There are elegant leather seats with the Aston Martin logo embroidered on the headrests and carbon fiber trims. Of course, should you choose to customize your submarine, that’s not a problem. Aston Martin is happy to oblige with customization provided by its in-house team at Q by Aston Martin.

If you want to get a closer look at Project Neptune, then start checking flights to Barcelona, Spain. The submarine is currently on display there at the LYBRA Superyacht Show. Hey, if you can afford a personal submarine, then a last minute flight to Barcelona shouldn’t be a problem.