Aston Martin Will Build You a Garage Worthy of a Villain Lair

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James Bond has long been known for driving an Aston Martin. His are usually equipped with a few modifications like ejection seats and machine guns, which makes them extra special. Now, Aston Martin will build you a garage worthy of a spy like Bond, or more likely his latest villain nemesis.

It’s even called Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs as if they just know somewhere out there is a villain in a volcano lair who needs a garage upgrade. They will design whatever you like whether it qualifies as a garage for your fleet or an entire luxury retreat that showcases your favorite cars.

There’s already Q by Aston Martin, which allows you to customize your car. You can choose the fabrics, trims, colors, unique accents, and pretty much anything you want for your Aston Martin. This new service extends that customization to your garage.

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Clients will work with the Aston Martin design team and renowned architects to created the garage of their dreams. This isn’t Aston Martin’s first foray into architecture. It also built the 66-story Aston Martin residences in Miami, House of Aston Martin Aoyama in Toyko, and numerous dealerships and showrooms.

“Imagine a home or luxury retreat built around your car,” said Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman. “Picture creating the ultimate space to showcase your own automotive works of art. This is now achievable with this new offering. For the car enthusiast the garage is as important as the rest of the house and a bespoke auto gallery designed by Aston Martin that either focuses on showing off the car or is part of a larger, integrated entertainment space with simulators and such like, takes Aston Martin ownership to the next level.”

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One design concept creates a subterranean lair in a circular space. An Aston Martin sits in the center of the design, becoming part of the building at the same time that it serves as a focal point like a piece of art. “Aston Martin has decades of expertise in staging cars in order to present them at their absolute best but also understands the importance of storage and maintenance of these living, breathing machines,” said Aston Martin Partnerships Director, Sebastien Delmaire.

The idea of creating a whole garage, much less a house, designed solely to showcase a car is probably out of the realm of reality for most people. Then again, most people don’t buy Aston Martins. Those who do can now channel their inner Bond villain dreams and create a worthy garage lair for their cars.