Attn. Pinterest People: Don’t Light Candles in the Car

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(Image Source: ActionNewsJax) I’m pretty sure Pinterest only exists to provide people with new and exciting ways of burning their house down. But a Florida woman took her aromatherapy to another level by putting a lit candle in her car and fueling up at the gas station.

According to ActionNewsJax the woman rolled into a fuel stop in Lake City, Florida just after 2:00 p.m. Another customer rushed inside the store to alert the clerk that the woman’s car had burst into flame, according to County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Murray Smith.

The Columbia County Fire Department responded and was able to extinguish the fire before the entire store was engulfed. The car was destroyed and the surrounding pumps were damaged.

“She had a candle in the cupholder,” Smith said. “She got out, pumped gas and went inside. When she was inside another customer came in and said, ‘Hey, your car is on fire.’ ”

Smith said the woman will not face any charges, as they are treating it as an accident.


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