VIDEO: Forget That DeLorean, “Back to the Future” Day is Here With the Toyota Mirai

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Toyota Mirai Launch Event

Today is the day Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II in that wonderful flying DeLorean we’ve all been coveting for the last 30 years. DeLorean is gone and flying cars aren’t even close, but Toyota is celebrating the real future that is today with the new Mirai.

Toyota has been teasing something big for today over the last few weeks and last night unveiled a special version of their new hydrogen fuel cell Mirai. It does not have a Mr. Fusion nor does it fly, but it does have gullwing doors and a heads-up display with the time-traveling destination.

The event included 300 new Toyota Mira owners and special guests including Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) and Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown). The shindig was a celebration of the Mirai’s debut in the U.S. and the film’s 30th anniversary.

Today is the official on-sale date for the Mirai and for the new Back to the Future DVD and Blu-Ray sets. There are also special shows of the first film in the franchise at select theaters for today only.

Toyota made one more special car to commemorate the occasion. A 2016 Toyota Tacoma was turned into Marty’s dream truck from the original films. It sports TRD wheels, custom tubular bumpers and light bar, KC HiLites Gravity LED G46 and Daylighter Gravity LED, and “D-4S” fuel injection badging. There are also vintage touches like 1985 Toyota truck paint, vintage headlight and taillight designs, a custom tailgate with Toyota logo, and even vintage mud flaps from 1985.

BTTF Toyota Tacoma

The Mirai, however, is the real star of the show, even getting its own video featuring Marty, Doc, and their number one fan, Mischa Pollack, who also happens to be an engineer. He meets the pair in a diner and tells them about how all the tech from their movie might not have become a reality, but hydrogen fuel cell technology is a little piece of the future today.

He takes a jaunt around town collecting trash from sites that fans of the film will recognize, all while Huey Lewis and the News’ “Power of Love” plays in the background. The more you loved the original films, the more of a kick you’ll get out of this video and its many Easter eggs.

Does the Mirai fly? Nope. But it’s still a fun way to commemorate Back to the Future and show off how futuristic ideas are making their way into the cars we drive today.