Banana Car Pulled Over, Gets $20 Instead of a Ticket

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It’s no fun getting pulled over by the police. Sometimes you know you’ve done something wrong and aren’t really surprised, but sometimes you have no idea what you’ve done to attract the attention of the local authorities. Turns out, driving a banana car is one of the things that attracts that kind of attention.

Steve Braithwaite is the owner of the Big Banana Car. It’s exactly what you imagine – a car shaped like a giant banana. It looks like it belongs on a track in an amusement park, but this is a real car and it’s legal to drive it on public streets.

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Earlier this month while driving through Michigan, Braithwaite was pulled over by a Michigan state trooper. The officer checked over the the banana car to make sure it had headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. He also checked to see that Braithwaite was a licensed driver. All pretty reasonable things for a state trooper to do when presented with a man driving a giant banana down the street.

You might wonder why anyone would drive a banana car. Well, Braithwaite has been motoring around the country in this thing for a couple of years. He calls it the Big Banana Car and it’s something he designed himself around the bones of a 1993 Ford F-150.

He is currently driving it across the country to spread a little joy to the people he encounters along the way. The journey currently has him driving from Texas to California to spend the winter months somewhere free from snow.

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He regularly updates his Facebook page  with information about where the car is travelling next. You can even go for a ride in the banana car for a donation of whatever you can afford. Braithwaite relies on the kindness of others along the way sleeping at friend’s houses or even at the homes of people he meets during the day.

As for the state trooper, it doesn’t look like he had the chance to go for a ride in the banana car, but he did make a $20 donation before he sent Braithwaite on his way.