Best Rides for the Backseat Driver

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We’ve all heard our fair share of “Are we there yet?”, “Whoa, slow down!”, and “I’d change lanes if I were you…” in our travels down the road. If only the car you were driving had the amenities and neat, techy features to keep bored kids distracted and “helpful” passengers otherwise appeased. Then, maybe you can cruise along in peace and quiet. Luckily, we’ve put together a quick list of some of the coolest and most comfortable vehicles on the market today. Buckle up and take a peek at what could potentially be your next feature-packed BestRide.

Toyota Corolla

Corolla Interior
Corolla Interior/Image Credit: Toyota

You don’t need to break the bank or own the flashiest car on the market to get a comfortable ride with some neat comfort features. The Toyota Corolla is a solid sedan that makes a perfectly practical family car. Its compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay means 99% of the time you and your passengers will be able to seamlessly connect your devices to the entertainment system. Smart home meets smart car when you add on Amazon Alexa. With the Toyota+Alexa app you can play music, control smart home devices, find parking, and more! Busybodies are put at ease by the numerous comfort amenities: heated front seats, automatic moonroof, and uber soft SofTex trimmed sport seats. The USB ports for everyone in the car means folks can settle in for a comfortable and relaxing ride.

Honda Accord

Accord Interior
Accord Interior/Image Credit: Honda

In the same vein as the Corolla, the Honda Accord is a practical yet deceptively spacious sedan that perfectly accommodates a family’s needs. An impressive amount of head AND legroom means tempers won’t run high because “so-and-so won’t stop touching me!”. Active Noise Cancellation paired with a formidable 10-speaker audio system means that intrusive noises stay OUT while smooth jams and podcasts stay IN. Just turn on the heated front and rear seats, adjust the Dual-Zone Climate control so the temperature is to passengers’ individual preferences, and connect your Apple or Android device wirelessly. You’re well on your way to an enjoyable and peaceful road trip. The wireless phone charger and Wi-Fi hotspot capability are pretty neat too.

Subaru Forester

Forester Interior
Forester Interior/Image Credit: Subaru

Just because it has “utility” in its name doesn’t mean that an SUV has to be all function and no comfort. The Forester offers the adaptability and versatility that comes with everything adorned with the name “Subaru” – without skimping on the creature comforts. Relaxing on a long voyage won’t be a struggle in the spacious interior with soft-touch materials all around. There’s plenty of room for everyone AND their stuff with the equally roomy cargo area. What’s that, folks are getting bored back there? Good thing you have the Subaru Starlink Entertainment Anywhere Kit, which comes with 2 Apple iPads, 2 sets of Bluetooth headphones, and 2 OtterBox cases to keep those iPads nice and secure. Don’t worry about those iPads dying on you either; rear-seat USB charging ports will keep the fun rolling.

Volvo XC40

XC40 Interior
XC40 Interior/Image Credit: Volvo

Just like that neat bookshelf you bought at IKEA, the Volvo XC40 is packed full of functional and innovative features that are guaranteed to fit your needs. You get flexible storage solutions including bag hooks for your purse, large door bins, and hidden compartments to stowaway valuables. That sort of functionality usually leads to a boxy and unattractive look, but Volvo has found the perfect balance of function and sporty elegance. What about those cold mornings or hot afternoons when the last thing you want to do is climb into an ice box or a sweltering hot car? With Volvo’s On-Call app, you can preheat or precool your XC40 from your phone. Sit back and connect your Apple or Android device to the entertainment system and listen to your favorite songs through those strategically placed Harman Kardon speakers.

Chrysler Pacifica

Pacifica Interior
Pacifica Interior/Image Credit: Chrysler

You might balk at the thought of owning a minivan, but we’re about to change your mind. If you want the ultimate vehicle when it comes to comfort, space, and cool features, check out the Chrysler Pacifica. This post would probably become a small dissertation if we went over every super cool feature available in the Pacifica, so we’re just going through some of the highlights. In this monster of a minivan, you’ve got incredible cargo space AND passenger space. You won’t be hearing “Can you move your seat up a little?” or “My bag won’t fit!” when you’re loading up this magnificent machine. Get ready to be pampered by the lumbar support pillows and the available Uconnect Theater systems that comes with two seatback-mounted touchscreens. Did the kids or some rowdy friends make a mess in the backseat? The Stow ‘N Vac vacuum will make quick work of those spilled snacks. Pair all that will Active Noise Cancellation and a premium audio system, and you’re in for some smooth sailing.

From wireless charging to entertainment systems to super cool stowaway vacuums, there are endless features to take your car from “mode of transportation” to “rolling party wagon of fun.” Okay that may be a bit hyperbolic, but savvy shoppers would do well to roll off the lot in these luxurious rides. With the perfect blend of technology and comfort, these are the all-around best rides for the backseat driver.

Annie Boss

Annie Boss

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