BESTRIDE FINDS: 1972 Pontiac LeMans GT

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Go to any car show in the county this weekend, and you have a better than even chance of seeing more than one Pontiac GTO. What you’re NOT going to find is a 1972 Pontiac LeMans GT, a one-year-only option package with a V-8 and a four-speed. Despite its rarity, you can own it for reasonable money.

The LeMans GT package was only available in 1972. The previous year, Pontiac offered the GT-37, which was essentially the same trim level. The GT-37 and the later LeMans GT were built to be muscle cars for the budget-minded.


Instead of the GTO’s Endura bumper up front, for example, the LeMans GT got a simple chrome bumper. Inside, there was a bench seat sans console, where the GTO would’ve had buckets.


The LeMans GT got a few dress-up items over the standard LeMans, including the body side tape stripes, the Rally II wheels, a true dual exhaust, body colored mirrors (including the passenger side mirror with a remote function) and the cool rear decklid spoiler, which morphed into the rear quarters.


The color is exceedingly rare, because it was a special order color Carolina Blue, which was only available to Pontiac dealers in Carolina.


It has been upgraded recently with a V-8, replacing the original car’s V-8, but the dealer selling it is up front about the modification, and it looks as clean under the hood as you could ever expect a car like this to be.


Regardless, this scarce, exceptionally nice Pontiac is priced reasonably and could be a rare sight at any car show this summer.

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