BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance: An $825K Christening As Deliveries Begin

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This one-off i8 special edition – the Concours d’Elegance Edition – pulled down a near-million-dollar chunk of cash at this year’s August Pebble Beach Auctions, with Jay Leno at the helm. BMW also marked this year’s festivities by delivering its first i8s to customers.

So it’s official: this car that looks so plucked from the future has arrived, as it raises money for charity and hits the roads around us. This plug-in hybrid is not for everybody, but we welcome this new sparkle on our automotive landscape.


Production i8s start at $137K. The winner of the i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition paid a lot more than that, and they got more than the satisfaction of helping the community organizations aided by the Pebble Beach Company Foundation. This special edition has a trunk-mounted plaque…


…with signatures of those instrumental to the i8’s existence.


The interior is laser-etched with this i8’s special nomenclature…


…and it has the plant-dyed Dalbergia Brown leather trim included in the “Tera World” interior environment available in all i8s. The center console’s mix of colors and materials is particularly nice.


The headrests celebrate the car’s identity with embossed logos.


This special edition has the yet-to-be-US-approved laser headlights…


…as well as BMW’s new i8 “Display Key”.


Pebble Beach also marked the first deliveries of production i8s to their owners.


There’s a chic-ness to the i8 that matches that of the Tesla Model S. Both cars appeal to the same demographic – tasteful, adventurous and eco-conscious.


It wasn’t so long ago that we were looking at advance images of BMW’s i cars and wondering how they’d fit with BMW’s high-performance lineup. Now that the i8 is hitting the road, it seems as natural an addition as a home’s rooftop solar panels. The immense amount of thought and imagination that went into the i8 is now defining our present day. And as we adjust to this new style, it’s tantalizing to ask: what will the next generation look like?

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