Burger King is Delivering Whoppers to People Stuck in Traffic

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There’s nothing fun about being stuck in a traffic jam. It makes you late and wastes time and it’s even worse if you happen to be hungry. Burger King feels your pain, so they tested out a program to deliver Whoppers to people stuck in traffic.

They’re calling it The Traffic Jam Whopper and it’s here to save you from rush hour hunger pangs. The company is testing the program in Mexico City, which is a place known for having some of the worst traffic in the world.

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They launched the program to see if offering people who were stuck in traffic the chance to have a Whopper delivered right to their car would actually work. People like food delivered to their homes and offices, so why not their cars?

A specially developed app identifies areas where customers are stuck. It then uses real-time data to confirm a potential customer will be sitting there hungry for at least 30 minutes and that they’re within roughly a 1.8-mile radius of a Burger King.

It then lets you know you’re in this unhappy situation and could order a Whopper by using billboard ads that give you an idea of the delay you’re facing. Basically, you’re sitting in your car getting frustrated and hungry and a billboard tells you it’ll be another 48 minutes and you should probably order a Whopper.

The company also put banner ads in the Waze app to encourage people to place an order. So, even if you don’t see the billboards, you’ll get a notification of the opportunity on your phone.

Once you order, the app then updates with information about deliveries in progress. So, you might see a billboard message saying, “Jim in a Blue Hyundai, your Whopper arrives in 7 minutes,” which is likely to make you wish you were Jim.

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In case you’re worried about distracted driving, the ordering process can be done using voice commands. The driver’s attention stays on the road, even if they’re not actually going anywhere.

The position of each car is tracked via GPS so delivery drivers know exactly where to go to find each customer. All the customer has to do is wait for a Burger King delivery motorcycle to arrive at their vehicle.

The idea worked out quite well with a 63 percent increase in delivery orders over a week and a 44 percent increase in app downloads. The Burger King app is now the number one fast food app in Mexico.

That success has Burger King expanding the program to include Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai. You might still have to sit in traffic in those cities, but at least you won’t be hungry anymore.