Camaro IROC-Z vs. Toyota Camry: Which Is Faster?

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We put two vehicles side by side, tell you a bit about them, and challenge you to guess which is faster.

In our debut edition of Which Is Faster, we will create an interesting matchup of two vehicles and ask you to guess which would be real-world-faster in a stoplight race. Now, we at BestRide are all parents and responsible people, so we are certainly not encouraging street racing. That’s why in this imaginary race we refer to that stoplight near your home that is on a rural highway with a 60 MPH speed limit.

Try not to overthink the “faster” part. Fast means different things to some car nuts. In our matchups, we mean fast off the line and then in a straight line ahead. We will pepper our story with links in blue that will lead you back to where we got the test data.

Ok, ready contestant one? You’re up next on “Which – Is – FASTER?!”

Chevrolet IROC-Z Camaro vs. Toyota Camry

Back when Foghat was the hottest cassette you could buy at the local record store, there was no cooler car than the IROC-Z. Camaros are all cool, but IROC-Z Camaros were special. They’re named after the International Race of Champions cars that pitted race car drivers from different disciplines on a series of tracks around the country.

Chevrolet spent over 20 months and more than 10,000 engineering hours developing removable T top roofs that would rattle and squeak while simultaneously leaking water in all temperatures. Even when it wasn’t raining. No easy feat.

Kidding aside, for their time in history, the IROC-Z Camaros were faster than your average  standard production car on the road at that time. Jethro has just taken his vintage 1985 IROC-Z down off the jack stands after rebuilding the engine to like-new specs. He can’t wait to see how this baby runs.

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Up beside the IROC in our stoplight race is your aunt’s new 2018 Camry. In beige.

She is on her way to work this morning and completely preoccupied. You see, during her needlepoint circle this weekend, Thelma mentioned that some silly goose had (accidentally?) donated a signed copy of her favorite Danielle Steel novel during the “Let’s Re-Read It!” event at the library this past Saturday. She is just itching to see if she can snag it from the bin before beginning her Monday morning shift as the town’s librarian. In other words, she’s in a bit of a hurry and is about to accidentally pin the throttle on her new Camry.

And the Winner Is!

Didn’t Foghat have a song called “Slow Ride?” The rear-wheel-drive 1985 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z had a 5.0-liter V8 engine that generated 215 hp at a maximum, provided you bought the LB9 Tuned Port Injection option. The LB9 was faster, than the four-barrel carbureted L69, but was only available with a TH700-R4 automatic transmission. You could reach 60 MPH in around 6.9 seconds. Not bad for the times. If you remove the heavy T-tops and let that mullet fly free you may even pick up an extra tenth of a second.

The front wheel drive 2018 Toyota Camry V6 trims have 301 hp coming from their 3.5-liter engines and are mated to 8-speed automatic transmissions. V6 Camrys can run from 0-60 MPH in under six seconds without batting an eye.

Fun fact: Pretty much every V6-equipped Camry going back generations could blow off an IROC-Z in a stoplight race. The new Camry isn’t that special.

Is our matchup fair? Heck no! If you want to start talking about fair, auto racing is not your thing. Modern technology wins in this matchup of the hairy-chested V8 and a manual transmission that will grow your clutching leg to twice the size of your right leg vs. a silky smooth V6 you can’t hear when it’s on. Watch for our next installment of Which Is Faster?! We are noodling a few matchups including a truck against a roadster, a modern muscle car vs a vintage one, and two of the same convertibles, first and latest generation. Thank you for playing and don’t forget to pick up your goodie bag as you exit the building.