Car colors are all shades of gray these days

Car Colors Are All Shades of Grey These Days

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Car colors are all shades of gray these days

A new study by a leading leasing company has found that almost all of the cars we buy these days are part of the gray-scale.  That being gray, silver, black, or white.

Swapalease, a company that specializes in lease swapping (go figure), has counted up all the cars it handles and found that 81.4 are actually not really a color, but some combination of black and white.  Black is the most popular color, with 31% being painted the bad-boy color.  White is next at 20%.  Silver is third at 13%, and shades of gray make up the next 17%.  Who knew colorful cars were so rare?  The most popular car with an actual “color” is red, which is only about 7% even if maroon and other such reddish hues are counted.

Car colors are all shades of gray
Blues and browns are next on the list.  Then come the sand, gold and champagne colors we can’t believe didn’t score higher.  The least popular color is purple.  Hasn’t the Barney generation started buying cars yet? It wasn’t always like this, though gray-scale cars have been number one for a long time.  Commenting on the trends, Scott Hall of Swapalease said  “Red and blue were much more prominent in the marketplace in the early and mid-2000s, but since around 2005 the popularity of grayscale cars and trucks began to emerge,” said Hall. “If anything, silver led the grayscale renaissance, but since the recession varying forms of exotic grays have become popular with drivers and car shoppers.”