Car Thief Leaves ID at Scene of the Crime

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It’s fun to go for a test drive, but sometimes you can’t afford the car of your dreams. It might be tempting to take the keys and make a run for it, but we don’t recommend this approach since breaking the law never ends well. However, should you choose to steal a car after a test drive, we do recommend not leaving a copy of your ID at the dealership.

Dealerships don’t simply hand you the keys and tell you to have fun when you want to go for a test drive. First, they make sure you’re a licensed driver which means digging that ID out of your wallet so they can make a copy for their records.

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This also gives them your information so they can reach out to you later if you don’t end up buying a car that day. Either way, you only get behind the wheel once they have your name and address. Usually, they even put a salesman in the passenger seat to make sure you play nice with their stuff.

That’s not quite how things went down at a used car dealership in San Antonio, Texas recently. It all happened on May 27, a busy Saturday afternoon at Auto Boulevard, when a man came in to test drive a 2010 Infiniti G37. The salesman copied the man’s ID and brought the car around, but had to walk away for a second to help another customer. He asked the first customer to hold on a second for his test drive, but when the salesman came back, the car was gone.

The owner of the dealership reported the car stolen and then decided to follow-up on his own. He drove to the address listed on the ID to ask the man to please return the stolen goods. You might think this is where they find out the guy used a fake ID. Nope.

The ID was real and it did have the thief’s address, but he wasn’t home. Other folks at the house said the guy hadn’t been around in a few weeks so it turned out to be a dead end. The dealer then managed to track down the thief’s parents who had do idea where to find their son.

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Since then, the car has been spotted three times. The dealer even followed the car once, but lost it in heavy traffic. San Antonio police, although appreciative of the assist, don’t recommend trying to track down a suspect.

As ridiculous as it sounds, this guy handed over his ID, stole a car, and is still happily driving around in the stolen vehicle.