Car Totalled By Storm Damage or Flooding? Don’t Miss Out On These Extended Warranty Refunds

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Most extended warranties have a handy clause when the car is sold or destroyed before it is used up.

If your car, crossover, or truck was destroyed by hurricane damage or flooding, it may be worth reviewing those extended warranties you bought. Almost every one of them has a rebate clause tucked away down in the fine print. Usually, if you don’t use them up, the policies will pay you back a pro-rated amount left on the policy.

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There are multiple types of extended warranty plans one can buy from a dealer when purchasing a new vehicle. Some cover general repairs and others may be specific to just wheels and tires or glass. The text above is from the Chevrolet Protection Plan. Regardless of what type of extended warranty you purchased, there is a good chance it is refundable if you have not used it.

Another type of related plan one can purchase is a pre-paid maintenance plan. Like extended warranty plans, these are also refundable if you cannot use them due to a totaled vehicle. The example above from Tesla’s pre-paid plan is typical. Even if you have started to use the maintenance plan, it may well have more years to go. Be sure you cash it in if your car is totaled.

Fees for canceling or transferring plans are typical. Don’t be surprised if the plan has a $100 or similar fee for the transaction. When you call to cancel, be sure to ask for this fee to be waived. Many automakers have extensive aid packages for those customers whose vehicles are damaged in “big-name” storms. These unfortunate owners are a huge pool of available immediate customers. They may be more than willing to waive a small fee to gain goodwill. It’s certainly worth pleading your case. Al they can say is, “no.”