Car Talk’s Tom and Ray Magliozzi Honored by City of Cambridge And Loving Fans

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The City of Cambridge and the Car Talk Community came together to dedicate a plaque to Car Talk and the Magliozzi brothers this weekend in Harvard Square.

On a bright sunny day in New England this weekend, the City of Cambridge dedicated a plaque to Click and Clack, the Magliozzi brothers. The event featured live music, free food, and a beer garden all set up in honor of the Car Talk show and its beloved pair of hosts.

Ray Magliozzi was joined by his wife Monique. Tom and Ray’s sister, Lulu, was also on hand to help Ray to unveil the plaque. Ray arrived early and stayed late, making time to speak with and take selfies with every one of the many fans who packed the square. He mixed and mingled with the crowd for hours graciously spending as much time as anyone requested.

For those who love the show, but have not followed recent developments, Tom has since passed. The plaque and the event highlighted Tom, his life, his humor and his contribution to Car Talk.

The plaque was placed in front of One Brattle Street. It was conceived by Newton artist, Amy Nichols and created by Awards Unlimited in Somerville. Cambridge City Manager Louis A. DePasquale spoke at the event. Mr. DePasquale said that as a fellow lifelong Cambridge resident born in Cambridge, and also of Italian descent, he was honored to present the plaque commemorating the Magliozzi brothers. He noted that the Car Talk was so popular because Click and Clack loved people and loved Cambridge and that came through in the show.

Fans in attendance came from all points of the globe. We spoke to fans who came from as far away as Australia, Switzerland, and Austria. Many made road trips to be at the ceremony including fans from Colorado, Washington D.C. and North Carolina. However, not all the fans were distant visitors. One Car Talk fan spoke with in a Car Talk T-shirt (and who appears in the image above) came from Porter Square, just down Mass. Ave. Many in attendance we spoke with had roots in Cambridge and traveled to the event as a sort of homecoming.

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Cambridge, often referred to in the show as “our fair city,” is of course linked with Car Talk. Ray was educated entirely in the City of Cambridge, finishing at MIT just down Mass Ave from the Square. The Car Talk offices were located for decades in the heart of Harvard Square at 5 JFK St., in the Abbot Building, on the second floor. Fans know the spot as the offices of Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe, and the name still hangs in the window. “All day long, tourists would barge into our office, wake up the staff, and marvel that a show so stupid came from such a smart place,” said Ray Magliozzi.

Also on hand, and keeping a low profile, were:

Car Talk’s producer Doug “the subway fugitive, not a slave to fashion, bongo boy frogman” Berman,

Former producer John “Just back from the pool-side, rawhide, kibble on the side, both canned and dried, take him outside, smells like something died!” Bugsy Lawlor,

Current Car Talk Digital Managing Editor, currently on an unsupervised (and unsanctioned) leave from Colorado, Connie Brichford,

Long-time Car Talk blog contributor, lawyer, rock band manager, and award-winning writer Jamie Kitman,

A questionable quintet cabal of Car Talk web lackeys.

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Note: Some factual content in this story was provided by The Harvard Square Business Association and Wicked Local Cambridge.