Carve Your Pumpkin With A Cool Automotive Theme – Here’s How

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Halloween is just around the corner. Here’s a fun way to inject a little of your automotive passion into the holiday.

Who doesn’t love a pumpkin? You can eat the pumpkin as a pie, or you can toast the seeds. People in the “Americas” were cultivating pumpkins as far back as 7,000 BC. When the first Europeans came to New England in the 1600s they found that pumpkins and other squash were one of the three pillars of Native American farming, being planted along with corn and beans (and with a fish or two in the mix for fertilizer). Carving Jack O Lanterns may have started with turnips or potatoes in Europe, but it was the pumpkin that made the best canvas for this unique art.

This Haloween, rather than the typical scary face, happy face, or whatever kind of face your six-year-old makes, why not stretch your skills a bit and try creating a car-themed lantern? There are plenty of templates out there to work from. Our top of page image is courtesy of RimBladesUSA and you can find the template for it here. That’s a 2018 Civic Type R in case you didn’t recognize the profile.

If you want a more kid-friendly pumpkin, why not help your favorite rug-rat create a Disney-Cars Lightning McQueen gourd?  Check out the instructions at Disney’s page here.

If this is your first shot at using a pattern to transform a pumpkin into a masterpiece, we suggest you check out this handy instructional video. It will show you how to use the pattern as a template and walk you through the basics. Want a few simple tips? Once you have cut out any section you are planning to remove, soak the pumpkin in cold water for a few minutes. Then, to keep those triangle eyes from getting all dried out and saggy before the big night, apply some Vaseline to the inside edges. Don’t forget to set your seeds aside. Toasted pumpkin seeds are a tasty treat. In addition to being super-yummy, the process of making them is pretty simple and a great activity to share with your kids.

If you’d like more ideas for vehicle-themed pumpkin creations, check out Pinterest’s many great pages of examples and tips. Once you and yours have finished an automotive-themed lantern please post a photo of it under this story.

Image Credits:

Top of page image courtesy of RimBladesUSA and Spork Marketing.

Lightning McQueen image courtesy of Disney Family.

Multi-image photo courtesy of Pinterest and Auto Tops Direct.