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Celebrities like Brady and Ovechkin passing on car prizes is the new normal – Video

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Brady colorado

In case you were imprisoned by insurgents this past month, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won a fourth Superbowl.  Besides the Lombardi trophy presented to the team, the MVP, Tom Terrific, was given a new Chevy Colorado pickup.  Tom quickly passed it along.  This is becoming the new cool move, but will automakers like it?

Brady passed his new Colorado along to the defensive player, Malcolm Butler, that ended the game with a picked off pass.  Many New Englanders think Brady should have filled the truck’s cargo bed with Benjamins and driven it straight to Julian Edelman’s house, but we are straying from our point, which is that pro athletes and entertainers who win mundane cars have no real use for them.   Going forward the only cool move is to pass it along to a person in need or a charity.

Players donate cars to charity

Case in point, hockey player Alex Ovechkin.  Like Brady, Ovechkin only plays offense, and he generates a lot of points.  Unlike Brady, Ovechkin does not deliver championships (yet).  Regardless, Alex is a huge car nut and at last count had seven supercars including a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series.  During the All-Star break, he constantly joked about wanting to win a car.  He even held up a sign he made saying he wanted to be picked last in the all-Star draft so he could win one.  Honda then learned that he wanted it to pass along to his charity, the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA).  Honda stepped up, and the Accord will go to support the charity.

This new way to promote cars is interesting, but it begs the question, how impressed are we supposed to be with a car prize that a celebrity kicks to the curb?