Want a Chevy Bolt? You May Have to Wait Until September

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The Chevy Bolt has been in the news for all the right reasons the last few months. This could be the vehicle that gets people to seriously consider an electric car, thanks to a 238-mile range so its been raking in the awards.

It is the 2017 Motor Trend Car of the Year and the North American Car of the Year, but depending on where you live, you might not be able to buy one until September.

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Chevy is slowly rolling out the Bolt starting with California and Oregon. According to Green Car Reports, dealers there could place orders for the Bolt beginning in October with a December deliver date.

The next states to get their chance are Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia, with their December orders arriving in February. It’s a rather complicated system, with dealers having access to the Bolt only two months before delivery.

Chevy originally said the Bolt would be available everywhere by summer, but according to this chart it won’t be everywhere until September. Only 19 states will see the Bolt by the end of summer. The remaining 31 states are pushed out to September delivery, which means a lot of Bolt buyers are in for quite a wait.

The Bolt is arriving first in regions where they expect the strongest sales. It’s no surprise that California and Oregon got first dibs. If ever there was a market in love with electrics, it’s the US’s West Coast. December saw sales of 579 Bolts in that region. Michigan, however, isn’t so excited for their own car, as they’re lumped in with the final batch in September.

Even once the car is available nationwide this fall, it won’t be available at every Chevrolet dealership. Only 1,200 of its 3,000 dealerships are certified to sell the Bolt. Those dealerships do cover all 50 states, so no matter which state you call home, there is a dealer in your state.

Even with the wait and the limited availability at dealerships, the Bolt is poised to be a strong seller for Chevrolet. There are large tax incentives that can bring down the price by thousands of dollars, and that 238-mile range is hard to resist.

Depending on where you live, you could just cross the border and buy a car in one of the states that has the Bolt earlier on the schedule, if waiting until September is unbearable. Otherwise, Bolt fans are in for a long wait.

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