Chevrolet Silverado Squashed By Two Semis, Driver Walks Away Just Fine

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Chevy Colorado Accident

It’s that time of year, when snow squalls, fog, and ice turn whole sections of highway into huge pile-ups. The pictures have been in the news across the country, but this picture has to be one of the most amazing. You’re looking at a guy in a Chevrolet Silverado that got mashed between two semi trucks, and he was completely fine.

According to Oregon Live, it all happened along I-84 near Baker City, Oregon on Saturday morning and involved more than 100 people in three separate collisions along the stretch of highway. Most of the vehicles involved were semi trucks like the two that unbelievably didn’t kill 27-year-old Kaleb Whitby.

He was on his way to Council, Idaho with another 100 miles of driving left when a thick fog settled over the road. The fog was so thick that he eased up on the semi ahead of him to give it a little extra room. A short while later he came around a corner to find the same semi had jackknifed across the highway.

Whitby tried to stop but slid on the icy roads and ended up slamming into the truck with his passenger side facing oncoming traffic. That traffic happened to be another semi truck. There was nothing Whitby could do as the second truck tried to stop, but slid right into him, sandwiching his truck between the two trailers.

Somehow, despite the Chevy Silverado being squished to the point that it was more the size of a Chevy Spark, Whitby was okay. The driver of the second truck, Sergi Karplyuk, immediately went to check on Whitby and found him not just uninjured, but pretty darn calm. He even asked to have his picture taken as evidence of the crazy ordeal he had somehow survived.

You’d think that’d shake you up so badly that you’d be too stunned to do much of anything, but when rescue workers freed Whitby 30 minutes later, he and Karplyuk pitched in to help with the rescue efforts. The workers said that the help from those involved made their work much easier and likely saved some lives.

The collisions on Saturday morning sent 12 people to the hospital, some with serious injuries that required transfer to a more advanced facility where they were in critical condition. Luckily, no one was killed. As for Whitby, he did eventually go to the hospital for treatment. They gave him two Band-aids and sent him on his way.