“CHiPs” WRECKS: Ramming And Flipping And Burning

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We’re waiting with bated breath for the Warner Brothers big screen remake of “CHiPs”. In the meantime, here’s another look at a first-season classic episode.

The first season of “CHiPs” had a lot of vehicles meeting their ends. It’s a little hard to watch now, as many of these cars are black- and blue-plate California cars, with no rust.

Today, they’d be fixable and maybe a little collectible, but back then, they were just old cars, a dime a dozen.

The first crash is the van that’s the top image for this piece – the Dodge A100 van that was flipped over a ramp, after it led our heroes Ponch and Jon on a chase…


…because the driver was distracted by snakes! Maybe the current funding cuts we’re seeing in the University of California school system were also happening then, with budget-grade snake cage locks.

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Back on the highway, there’s an early-’60s Ford Falcon that’s getting a little hot under the hood…


…VERY hot! Though the smoke is actually blowing away from the owner, it’s still worthy of an acting-class faint.


There’s a bitey dog in back, and we can see from Jon’s attempt to lure it out that this Falcon was in not-so-bad shape.

The headliner and dash were presentable…


…the rear seat upholstery was decent…


…and the side panels were aged but intact.


No matter: that Falcon was doomed for one of those patented “CHiPs” car explosions. Nice Cougar passing by.

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Over in the suburbs, a Torino Squire was backing into a yellow Galaxie parked across the street…


…as it beat it out of there on its extremely soft suspension.

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Another scene had a Country Squire stopping hard for a Ford LTD that was eluding the dynamic duo…


…which lit its tires as it proceeded up the garage ramps.


From the looks of it, that LTD was in fine shape…


…until it met with that ever-present and apparently very sturdy yellow Galaxie.

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Lastly, we see a Mustang being cut off by a Thunderbird. From its interior roll cage and blast bar underneath, chances are high this car is going to roll.


Yep, down the hill we go. From the dented roof, we can see that the crew might have already rolled it a few times to get the best shot.


The blast bar does its job in launching the rear up and over…


…and the Mustang lands with a full body collapse…


…followed by the inevitable fire.


Yep, this one’s joining the blue Falcon in “CHiPs” stunt-car heaven.


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