Turn signal stalk from man's arm

VIDEO: Coming to Craigslist – Unique 1963 Thunderbird Turn Signal Stalk

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Turn signal stalk from man's arm

If you have been thinking “Man, I’d give my right arm for  a turn signal stalk for my 1963 Ford Thunderbird restoration”, look no further.  Arthur Lampitt of Granite City, Ill. has been carrying one around inside his arm for about 52 years, but it has recently become available.

Mr. Lampitt was in a serious crash back in the year the Beatles’ “She Loves You” was a hit single.  His hip was broken in the crash, and one additional minor injury was a puncture in his arm.  Doctors told him since it did not hurt, not to worry about it.  Mr. Lampitt eventially knew something was in there because he had set off metal detectors in the past.  He remembered that the turn signal lever was missing after the wreck and had his suspicions.  The arm began to swell recently, and doctors removed the blinker stalk with little drama.  His doctor said “We see all kinds of foreign objects like nails or pellets, but usually not this large, usually not a turn signal from a 1963 T-Bird.”

Asked what he plans to do with the turn signal lever, NBC News quoted Mr. Lampitt as replying “We’ll figure out something, I am sure.”  Let us help with a Craig’s list post for the part:  “Well-preserved 1963 Ford Thunderbird turn signal stalk.  Needs re-chroming.  Will consider trade for…”


Main story image courtesy of Youtube.com and York News.