Could You Handle a $60,000 Speeding Ticket?

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Everyone knows that speeding is against the law, yet most people do it anyway. Most people also get away with breaking this particular law, but every now and then they get caught.

Depending on just how fast you’re going and how much over the speed limit, the cost of getting caught can be a hefty ticket. If you’re really unlucky you might even be looking at a little jail time. That’s how things work in the United States, but elsewhere they figure it out differently and you can be looking at a speeding ticket that costs more than most cars.

Let’s say, for example, that you happen to live in Finland. It’s a lovely country, or so I hear, and it’s generally full of law abiding citizens. They also sometimes break the law by ignoring speed limits and going faster than the powers that be deem appropriate. The resulting speeding ticket is something that just could make your head explode.


They don’t figure things out the way we do in the United States where the same infraction will get you the same fine no matter how much money you have in the bank. In Finland, they figure it all out based on how much you make each year so those with high incomes get matching speeding tickets.

According to the BBC, a Finnish millionaire has just learned this the hard way with a 54,000 euro speeding ticket. Reima Kuisla was caught speeding and now faces that fine. He wasn’t even being reckless, but was driving roughly 64 MPH in a 50 MPH zone.

They figured the outrageous fine based on his 2013 tax return which showed he earned 6.5 million euros for the year. That’s a lot of money so, according to the Finnish authorities, it warrants the fine he was assessed. Kuisla doesn’t agree.

He took to his Facebook page to complain, just like those of us with incomes far less do when something makes us all kinds of cranky. Kuisla posted that there was a time when he couldn’t have imagined leaving Finland, but that it’s becoming difficult for those with high incomes to stay in the country.

His complaints aren’t finding much sympathy with others on social media who point out that if he just obeyed the law, then he wouldn’t be paying any fine. There are a few, however, that agree with Kuisla and think the rich are being unfairly punished for their success.

Millionaire or not, a $60,000 speeding ticket is bound to make you think twice before hitting that accelerator.