Couple Watching Lunar Eclipse in Middle of Road Gets Run Over by Police

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One of the first things we all learn when we are but wee little children is not to play in the road. The road is dangerous. There are cars in the road and in a battle of brawn, the car will win every time. Don’t play in the road. Or, as one couple learned the hard way, don’t lie down in the middle of the road to watch a lunar eclipse.

A couple in West Palm Beach, Florida decided that lying down in the road to watch the Super Blood Wolf Moon lunar eclipse was a good idea. The incident happened at 11:30pm when a West Palm Beach officer ran over the couple in his 2018 Ford Explorer.

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He was patrolling the Apoxee Wilderness Trail driving only about 5 mph when he hit the couple. The park was closed for the day and the gate was locked, but the officer entered with a code to complete his rounds.

The man and woman, who are both 24-years-old, were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The officer that struck them has been placed on paid administrative leave.

It’s all a little odd. You can’t help but wonder how the police officer didn’t notice two people lying in the road, as unexpected as that may have been on a short stretch of paved road in a closed park.

It also makes you wonder how the couple didn’t hear the police car coming their way. Even if it was very quiet at only 5 mph, you’d think the headlights might have caught their attention and caused them to get up and move.

All this, just to get a good shot of the fancy Super Blood Wolf Moon lunar eclipse. As cool as the name is, it’s not worth getting run over and there’s probably an equally cool lunar eclipse with an even more impressive name just waiting in the wings. At least, we hope there is.

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The moral of the story is easy. Remember what your mother told you and don’t play in the road or lie in the road in the middle of the night. Mom is always right so just watch the next lunar eclipse in your own backyard of from the comfort of your living room right through the windows.