CRAIGSLIST FINDS: 1986 Pontiac Fiero, Northstar V-8 #DatWing

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Everybody says that when GM finally got the Pontiac Fiero sorted out, it killed it off. Well, the folks at Pontiac could’ve gone 11 degrees further, as is evident by this example, powered by a Cadillac Northstar V-8 and sporting a wing and an air intake from Mad Max’s set designer.

“Cadilac 4.6 32-Valve Motor – 5 speed transmission,” the ad reads.


That barely begins to scratch the surface of what’s been modified on this 1986 Fiero. The interior got an upgrade thanks to a sheet of quarter inch flat aluminum stock with a gauge cluster cut in it.


The engine breathes through a snorkel constructed out of a swap meet air intake and the central air conditioning duct from a split level in the suburbs.


And that wing. They say that ALCOA stock has been on the rise since the Ford F-150 switched over to aluminum, but come on, you have to give this guy at least 20% of the credit.


“Very motivated seller.” Likely motivated by a bride with a rolling pin.

As bizarre as this thing is, you have to appreciate one man’s vision of the ultimate Fiero.

See the whole ad here.

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