Diamond-Covered Bentley Coffee Table Book a Bargain at $250,000

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There’s a certain lifestyle that allows people to consider a car like a Bentley the same way the average guy considers a Nissan. That lifestyle also makes it possible for that same affluent individual to purchase other luxury items, like a $250,000 Bentley coffee table book.

While the rest of us ponder how we’re going to balance a car payment along with our mortgage or rent, there’s someone out there who is spending more than the cost of a house on a book. We hate that guy, and we’d also like his cash, but mostly we hate that guy.

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The Bentley Centenary Opus celebrates the automaker’s 100th anniversary and it’s far more than the average coffee table book. It clocks in at 800 pages and weighs 66 pounds, so fans of Bentley are getting a thorough history.

That’s impressive, but it’s not $250,000 impressive, so there are a few extra bits that make the price understandable, if not reasonable. First, there are three limited editions, each with a fancy Bentley crest on the cover like you’d find on the car.

The Centenary Edition comes in four different Bentley leathers that are exactly the same leathers you’d find in your Bentley. A matching slipcase is included and there are only 500 copies of this edition available worldwide. The page edges are silver on this one and it’s signed by Bentley’s design director, Stefan Sielaff. It can be had for a mere $3,800 making it downright affordable.

Next up is a more exclusive Mulliner Edition, which is available in only 100 units. This one comes in 17 Bentley leather colors and is signed by company chairman and CEO, Adrian Hallmark. Special “Tailor Made” pages are handstitched to the front of the book and it has gold-colored page edges. Opt for this one and you’re looking at $16,000 for the privilege of putting it on your library bookshelf.

Finally, there’s the 100 Carat Edition, which will be available in only 7 copies. This one is encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds set into a wood cover. The Bentley badge gets an upgrade to platinum or white gold as an added bonus.

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It’s hard to imagine even considering spending that kind of money on a book, whether it’s diamond-bedazzled or not, but we’re betting people are lining up for the chance. You just know there’s someone out there who simply must have a copy to go with the Bentley parked in their climate-controlled garage.