Do You Hide Christmas Presents in Your Car?

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There are challenges to parenting. Some are small, and some are large. Falling somewhere in the middle of the spectrum is finding a good place to hide the Christmas presents from the kids each year. The solution for many parents is to stash all those gifts in their cars.

Buick conducted a Harris Poll on the issue. They asked 1000 parents about how they use their cars to hide the kids’ gifts. A whopping 82 percent of people said they try to find new places to hide gifts each year. This begs the question of whether the kids are finding all the usual spots or are parents just getting sloppy?

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The hidden storage compartments in a vehicle are a great place to hide presents according to 79 percent of parents. Even if it’s a good spot, 25 percent of parents don’t trust the kids to not find the presents anyway, so they hide things in a friend or family member’s car instead.

For the 60 percent of parents who didn’t hide presents in their vehicles, the reason was a good one. These parents say their vehicles simply do not have enough storage space. You can’t just leave that new doll out there for anyone to see. There needs to be a cubby and it needs to be well out of reach for little hands.

Having a vehicle big enough to handle the job is also a challenge when it comes to getting things home. Twenty-three percent of parents paid to have things shipped home because they were too big for their vehicles. These are the moments when that sporty hatchback suddenly seems like it was the wrong choice.

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Another challenge is the worry that a delivered present, no matter its size, will instantly be discovered by the kids as it sits on the doorstep. Worse yet, that present could attract the attention of thieves who can help themselves to unattended packages.

Buick has a solution to that problem with Amazon Key In-Car Delivery. Most new Buicks offer this service, which is available for Buick owners who are Amazon Prime members. This lets parents have a package delivered right to their vehicle as long as it’s parked in a publicly accessible area.

There’s less than a month to go until Christmas. Have you figured out where you’re going to hide the gifts until the big day?