Dodge Challenger Hellcat From Hell With VIN 666 May Be Only Way to Get One

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Front

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is the kind of car people lust after. The chance to own one could convince someone to sell their soul to the devil, which would likely get you this particular example of the Hellcat because the devil, we’d imagine, has a sense of humor. It’s currently up for sale on Craiglist for a whopping $89,000 with VIN 666.

That’s a markup of around $30,000 over the sticker, but you’ll have Hell’s Hellcat. Just explain that to your significant other when you pull into the driveway in this $89,000 bright Sublime green Challenger Hellcat. Let us know how that goes over.

The owner seems pretty confident that his devil car is worth it and will become a collectible because there’s only one 666 out there and that makes the car somehow better. It might be cool, and it might be nifty to tell your friends, but an extra $30K cool might be a bit much.

According to the listing, the car hasn’t been driven at all with just 5 miles showing on the odometer. Forgetting the whole 666 thing for a moment, this might be the only way you’ll get a 2015 Challenger Hellcat right now.

Dodge has officially cancelled all existing 2015 Hellcat orders that haven’t been filled. This means that if you were waiting on your Charger or Challenger Hellcat, you’re not getting one. It’s not how Dodge hoped things would go, but the cars were so darn popular that they couldn’t keep up with the demand.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Those unfilled orders are being cancelled by the factory, but potential buyers aren’t completely out of luck. They will be issued a voucher for the more expensive 2016 model at the 2015 price.

Part of the problem with filling the orders was how dealers took the orders in the first place. Some dealers took huge deposits for far more Hellcats than they knew they would receive, but Dodge has a plan to make things flow smoothly for the new model year.

Hellcats will still be allocated to dealers based on sales numbers at that dealership, but this time the dealers will know exactly how many to expect. They won’t be able to place orders above that allocation and if they don’t sell what they have quickly enough, then they will receive fewer Hellcats in the future.

Orders for the 2016 Hellcats start the week of August 10th so plan to rush down to your dealer and get your name on the list. Or, you could shell out $89,000 for Hell’s Hellcat and not have to wait at all. Do whatever feels right for your soul.