Dodge Kicks Lame Christmas Commercials To The Curb – “Ho Ho Go”

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Tired of holiday car commercials showing cars in white blinking their lights to the Nutcracker theme? Dodge offers something unique with its “Jolly Fast Man” Christmas advertising. 

Dodge has gone to great lengths to make its holiday vehicle advertisements stand out from the crowd. This year, the company has created seven short videos that show Santa’s sleigh turn into the Redeye Express. The series stars professional athlete, NFL player, pro wrestler, and automobile aficionado, Bill Goldberg as Santa, a.k.a. the Jolly Fast Man. “All Girls Garage” host and automotive enthusiast Cristy Lee plays Mrs. Claus. These two are easy to look at and quite a departure from the tame (and often lame) holiday adverts most automakers run.

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The general idea of the series of videos is that Santa decides to up his game and lose the “bowl of jelly.” He also upgrades his ride and the sleigh that is created is pretty special. The hard part? “Demoting the reindeer.” The first of the seven videos is below.

Spoiler Alert! – We later find out that Ms. Claus is a closet gearhead. She introduces some of the good children to the 797 hp HEMI engine the new sleigh sports.

In case you had any doubt that Dodge isn’t playing the politically correct playbook one of the elves is called to down to HR to explain “Inappropriate use of a grease gun” during the sleigh’s transformation. “Elf you!” wasn’t part of any of the books we remember reading beside the tree. There are also a few “Sugar plumb” jokes, and of course the one about being “downwind.”

The best thing about Dodge’s fun new Christmas advertisement series is that it isn’t going to be easy to find on TV. If you are interested in seeing the whole series, check out the Dodge YouTube channel to see the full seven episodes. You can also find the episodes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook if one of those is more your cup of pumpkin spiced tea.