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Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis announced some phenomenal news about the high-powered Dodge SRT Hellcat on Friday. He reports that after filling 4,000 orders (received as soon as the car was made available) an influx of another 1,000 orders completely depleted manufacturer reserves of the Hellcat. That is a lot of Hellcats on the road and it definitely exceeds sales forecasts made by Chrysler.

A local Dodge dealer reports keen interest in every Hellcat that hits the lot; unfortunately they are already sold as special order cars. So many Hellcats have been sold that Dodge is not even taking orders for new Hellcats until December. Those kinds of sales figures place a premium price tag on Hellcats that are available, with some dealers demanding as much as $10,000 over the already lofty sticker price. I wonder if the opportunity to make an additional $10-grand in profit will tempt dealers to “juggle invoices” telling some consumers that their car is on “back-order, etc.” in order to make more money by selling to another consumer? Surely not, what was I thinking? Another case scenario — Why not sell your new Hellcat for a $10k profit and pick one up when supply catches up to demand? I am just saying that the right guy in the right place could turn $59,995 (plus tax, tag, and title fees) into $70k pretty easily.

On the upside: It seems that Consumer Reports magazine, who had less than complimentary things to say when reporting about Fiat-Chrysler vehicles for the most part, chose the Challenger for its list of “recommended cars.” The Dodge Durango joined the Challenger as highlights of the Consumer Reports article.

The Hellcat uses a totally redesigned Hemi V8 engine that began as the 6.4-liter found in the SRT8 car. After careful development, the Hellcat mill was reduced to 6.2-liters and equipped with an IHI 2.4-liter supercharger which is supplied with cool dense air by a massive intercooler located in front of the radiator. The engine features totally innovative cooling technology that allows a car that is capable of competing at elite racing levels to be driven in street traffic. This undertaking is not as simple as one might imagine. Most NASCAR Sprint Cup cars would literally melt down if asked to cruise through Saturday night traffic on the local strip. Racing cars love racing and they are not normally equipped for the handling the rigors everyday driving. The SRT team at Dodge has found this delicate balance and provided us with a car that can produce over 700-horsepower and handle it responsibly.

S.M. Darby

S.M. Darby

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