Donkey Nibbles McLaren, Causes $6,800 in Damage

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We all know animals can be destructive and it’s not just wild animals. Even our pets wreak havoc on our homes, but we love them so we clean up the mess and carry on. Sometimes the damage is expensive and leaves you out a chunk of change, which one German man found out the hard way when his donkey nibbled on another guy’s orange McLaren 570S Spider.

Now, to be fair, a bright orange car looks a lot like a carrot and how can you expect a donkey to tell the difference? You can see how this was an easy mistake for the poor donkey. He was probably really hungry and at his wit’s end.

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The owner of the car, Markus Zahn, was not as sympathetic to the donkey’s plight. He left his McLaren in a parking lot that ran against a paddock and fully expected to come back to it in one un-chewed piece. He was a might perturbed when he saw it had served as a donkey treat.

The donkey tried to take a bite or two out of the back of the car, damaging the paint and a bit of carbon fiber. Zahn originally tired to deal directly with the donkey owner, but he refused to pay. He blamed the guy who owned the car and said he should have been more careful about where he parked his pricey toy.

So, of course, he took the owner of the donkey to court and the court ruled that he did have to pay for the damages caused by his donkey. The little donkey’s treat ended up causing around $6,800 in damages so it’s no small amount.

It is kind of weird when you think about it for a minute. You like cars enough to go out and buy one that costs more than most houses and then you park it next to a paddock with animals roaming around? Heck, we were more careful with the piece of junk car we drove back in college.

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Either way, the court says it’s the owner’s responsibility to pay for the damages his donkey caused, even if it was a case of questionable judgement parking there in the first place. If you happen to own a supercar the color of a carrot, or maybe even an apple, take care next time you pay a visit to the country.