Don’t Have the Dough for a Bugatti Veyron? This One Looks the Part for $125,000

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The Bugatti Veyron has been the object of fantasy since it first arrived on the scene in 2005. Very, very few of us (read: none) have been able to afford one. An example that famously ended up in a lake was for sale for $300,000. But if you’re really interested in one, and don’t really care if it’s fully to scale, we may have just the car for you.

This Craigslist ad in Orlando, Florida — of course, it’s Florida — is offering a Bugatti Veyron replica for $125,000.

Yes, it’s a bogus Bugatti, but hear us out:

The Bugatti Veyron is famous for cracking the 200 mile per hour barrier, but how fast are you going to go while you’re sitting on the Southeast Expressway at 5:30 in the afternoon? If you crack the 20 mile per hour barrier, you’re making progress.

This example started life as a humble 2002 Mercury Cougar. For the uninitiated, the Cougar was a half-baked attempt by the dying Mercury brand to offer a sporty car. Since 1967, the Cougar was the Ford [INSERT MODEL NAME HERE] rebadged and gussied up as something Mercury dealers could charge more money for. In ’67, it was the Mustang. In ’74 it was the Gran Torino Elite. In ’77 it was the Thunderbird. In ’99, it was the two-door version of the Contour, and would’ve been the second generation Probe if Ford had kept that nameplate on the burner.

The ’99 to ’02 Cougar isn’t a car that a whole lot of people get excited about, so using one as the donor platform for an ersatz supercar is perfect.

The seller suggests that $90,000 went into this build, which is coincidentally what the Mercury Division spent on the Cougar’s marketing program in 1999.

To be completely honest, it’s a pretty amazing looking vehicle. It’s got all the right proportions and for anyone who’s never seen a Bugatti in the flesh, it really looks the part.

Usually, the tipoff that a car like this is a cheapo kit car is the interior, which has often been left exactly as it was from the factory. The outside might look like a Lambo, but the interior looks like all ’84 Fiero. Not the case here. The basic layout is similar to the Mercury Cougar, but a lot of attention went into the design inside, with custom leather seats, a suede headliner and dash, and Ettore Bugatti insignia on the wheel.

What hasn’t been touched is the transmission — a floor shifted automatic — and the engine, the V6 that originally came in the Cougar, which the seller describes as “stalk,” a far cry from the Bugatti’s 1000hp with 175hp.

As far as these things go, though, we can guarantee you’re going to generate some attention. If you’re the type that wears plated gold chains and Great Value-brand BluBlockers, this could be the car for you.

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