Edd China Departs Wheeler Dealers – His Reasons For Leaving Will Make You Love Him All the More

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Wheeler Dealers and Velocity have lost Edd China. Here’s why.

After thirteen years, 135 cars, and after having earned several hundred million worldwide viewers, the hit show Wheeler Dealers and Edd China have parted ways. This unfortunate news was revealed today concurrently by Mike Brewer and Edd in separate on-line videos. The crux of it is that the show’s current producers want to cut back on the very essence of the show, the garage restoration segments. Yes, we all love Mike, and we all respect that the idea of the show involves Mike finding the subject vehicle and later selling it on to a “punter,” but let’s face it, Edd’s magic in the workshop, turning scary and complicated problems into simple solutions is what really grabs us.

By example, we will point to that time that Edd fixed the manual transmission in an Audi TT by creating his own little rivet press and buttoned everything up with just one generic fastener. We covered that episode in a feature story here at BestRide:  You’ve Got To See This Ridiculous Transmission Repair To Beleive It

Edd took to Youtube to explain his reasons for leaving. Edd looked back fondly on the early days when the entire show was created and produced by just five people plus himself and Mike Brewer. Edd explains that Discovery Channel and Velocity saw an opportunity to take Wheeler Dealers to a new level. We have to agree that the show has become much more professional in a way, and the video quality has increased significantly. The show has also taken on projects with an ever-increasing price tag. However, the movement of the show to the U.S. caused many fans to miss the good old days.

Edd explains that the new staff of 45 crew members found the show “Too difficult” to produce in its current format. The struggle was the shop segments. Edd has opted to be a gentleman and leave on a high note. He even wished the show’s replacement for him, Ant Anstead, shown here with Mike Brewer, well saying, “Being the new boy is never easy, so please give Ant your full support. I wish him the very best of luck.”

Edd plans to expand his horizons and fans can stay connected by subscribing to his Edd China Youtube channel.