19 Photos of The Cars of Mad Max: Fury Road

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Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters TONIGHT, and I’m scheduled to see it at 7:00, and again at the drive-in on Saturday. Unlike the disastrous Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, everything we’ve seen about it so far suggests that cars are going to be a major part of the action. Here’s a quick look at a few of the most interesting vehicles:



This is the car you’ve seen before, first in Mad Max, and then in The Road Warrior. The basis is an Australian Ford Falcon XB GT coupe, with a Weiand blower sticking through the hood.


There are a few modifications evident, including the headlamp covers, which look different from the last time we saw this car in 1982.  The car showed up on SkyTV in Australia as a bit of a preview of what’s to come.


These screen grabs came from MadMaxMovies.com.

Holden FX Ute


This one showed up on the same SkyTV preview. Early on it wasn’t a sure bet whether it was actually going to appear in the film or not. According to MadMaxMovies.com, “It is still unclear whether it was purchased just for the purpose of the publicity event, or whether it will actually feature in the film,” but one enterprising internet geek found it in a still:


There’s also a video of it running:



This beast is constructed of two ’59 Cadillac coupes placed atop a monster truck chassis. Gigahorse sports twin V-8, supercharged engines, “coupled by a tractor pull-style planetary coupling and dumptruck-type 4WD diffs.”

It’s shown several times in the trailer that launched right after Comic Con.


Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9/Truck Thing

Mad-Max-Fury-Road-Cars-Benz-Bestride copy

From the wheel wells down, you’ve got a 10-wheeled tractor of some undetermined lineage, but on top, there’s a Euro-spec Mercedes-Benz W116 chassis, the basis for the S-Class between 1972 and 1980. We wonder what Freidrich Geiger — who designed it — would have thought about it being used in this fashion. We think it’s awesome.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it lasts long.

The Truck




Like The Road Warrior, it looks like the main characters spend at least some quality time behind the wheel of a fuel truck. Unclear what the model of truck here is, but it’s obviously had some modification.


The truck’s cab is extended with the back half of some indefinite 1940s-era sedan.

1942 Dodge Truck


Judging from the gigantic emblem in the center of the grille, this unpainted monster truck started life as a 1942 Dodge.


It spends a fair bit of time off the ground.

1952 Ford Ute


We’re identifying this as a 1952 Australian Ford Ute mounted to some kin of a pickup chassis, based on the bullet grille, the rear fenders, and what looks like a rear step-and-tow bumper mounted up front.

1947 Buick?


Real tough to tell here, from this split second screen-grab from the trailer. The grille looks like it comes from a ’47 Buick, but we’re open to guesses.

1940 Dodge



Dodge trucks are getting a lot of love in this movie, probably because of their elaborate grilles. The fenders on this one have been moved out 18-inches on either side.

1932 Ford


Just your basic 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe, fitted with organ-pipe exhaust, mounted to a truck chassis, and accessorized with a rack for carrying prisoners. Nothing to see here.

1973 Ford Pickup


One of my favorite cars from The Road Warrior was the early 1970s Ford pickup that Humungous’s henchmen used to harass the pilgrims. It looks like a variation of that is back in Mad Max: Fury Road. That alone ensures I’ll be buying a ticket.






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